Solar Water Purification Unit

For millions of people a shortage of clean drinking water is a reality they must face every day. Sometimes they simply do not have enough water; in other cases the water that is available is contaminated. Impoverished populations are the most severely affected by this problem: they simply can’t afford to buy safe water.

Naïade is an easy-to-install water purification unit for drinking water

It functions independently, without needing to be connected to an electrical energy source or water mains. Naïade cleans and disinfects water using sunlight. The installation kills all pathogens and makes drinking water safe without the use of chemicals.

Naïade can be used anywhere in the third world

The system is reliable and inexpensive. Naïade is being introduced via organizations in various countries. Maintenance and management of the installation can be done by local people. It can be funded by the beneficiary those selves at a minimal yearly cost per person. Naïade System weight only 44 kg & 100 liters water capacity one time. The daily average capacity is 2000 liters (up to 400 people).

Solar Home Systems, solar cooker and water purification units for Swat Valley, 2011

Zularistan shows Solar Power LED Street Lights at Solar Exhibition Kabul 2011




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