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Solar Street Light

„Sustainable installations“

In: pv magazine 03/2011

Solar Modules

Solifant Solar Modules

SCHOTT Solar Modules

Kyocera Solar Modules

Solar Accumulators

Solifant Solar Accumulators

Solifant RA12-100D   Page 1 | Page 2
Solifant RA12-180D   Page 1 | Page 2
Solifant RA12-260D   Page 1 | Page 2
Solifant RA2-2000D   Page 1 | Page 2

Solar Charge Regulator

Phocos Solar Charge Regulator

OutBack Power Systems Solar Charge Regulator

Steca Solar Charge Regulator


RIPEnergy Off-Grid-Inverter

SMA Off-Grid-Inverter

Studer Off-Grid-Inverter

Solar Products

Pico Solar Home Systems

Fosera PSHS

Solar Cooker

Sun and Ice Solar Cooker

Solar Water Heating System


Solar Water Purification Unit


Solar Water Pump

LORENTZ Solar Water Pump

Grundfos Solar Water Pump

Solar Refrigerator

phocos Solar Refrigerator

Steca Solar Refrigerator

SunDanzer Solar Refrigerator

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